Show Info/FAQ

Dates & Location

February 2-5, 2023
H. Roe Bartle Hall
301 W. 13th Street
Kansas City MO 64105


THU 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM
FRI 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
SAT 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
SUN 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Ticket Info

2023 ticket info coming fall 2022


Can I gift my ticket to someone else, even if it has my name on it?


Can I bring a backpack? Do you check backpacks/large bags?
Back packs are permitted in the show. The venue does not require pre-checking of bags.
Can I bring a stroller?
Yes, strollers are allowed in the show.
Can I bring my dog?
Dogs of any size are not permitted on show site, with the exception of service animals.
Can I buy a boat? Are used boats available?
Boats can be purchased during the show, however any boats purchased may not be removed from the show until 5:01 pm on Sunday (or at a time specified by the dealer once the show has ended). Used boats are not displayed or sold at the show.
Can I come back the same day? Can I come back tomorrow with the wristband?
Tickets are good for one day only. Once you leave the show on that day, you may get your hand stamped for re-entry. The stamp changes daily so it will not work on a different day.
Can I get on the boats?
Yes, most boats can be boarded (not all). Some dealers may have specific criteria for boarding (such as shoe removal, age limits, etc.)
Directions to the show?
Please check out our website for directions to the show.
Do you have kid activities?
Yes, adults too – no cost once inside the show.
Do you rent wheelchairs?
Wheelchairs are not available.
Do you sell beer?
Beer is sold at concession stands (person purchasing must be of legal age and some restrictions may apply)
I lost my ticket, can you send me a new one?
Online tickets can be regenerated, however keep in mind each ticket has an individual bar code and may only be scanned one time. If there are multiple tickets with the same bar code, only one of them will work.
Is a ticket good for one day or for every day of the event?
Tickets are good for one day only. A new ticket must be purchased for each day attended.
Is food available at the show?
There are many options for food on show site.
Is there a “Will call”? Where is it located?
Will call is located in the main floor lobby across from ticket sales.
Is there a lost and found?
The lost and found is located in the show office in the main lobby.
Is there a shuttle bus from Parking/Train?
There is not a bus from the parking garage, however there are underground, enclosed walkways from several of the garages/hotels.
Is there Handicapped Parking?
There is handicapped parking per state regulations at the various garages and lots.
Is there parking available, how much?
There is parking available around the venue at various garages and lots. Costs for parking varies for each lot.
Is there Wifi?
Wifi is available in lobby areas only.
What is your policy on guns?
Per the venue’s regulations and state regulations regarding carrying guns at events, guns are not permitted on show site.
Where can I find discounted tickets?
Watch our Facebook page and website for promotions through out the year.
How do I request an accommodation under the ADA?

Please call 314.821.5400 or send an email to for assistance

Ticket Terms & Conditions

This ticket is a revocable license to attend the event listed (the “Event”). By using this ticket, you, on behalf of yourself and any minor(s) accompanying you (collectively, “you”), agree to all of the terms below.

Breach of this license, failure to comply with Event rules, or any refund of the ticket price terminates any rights that you may have; and, renders use of the ticket illegal and unauthorized for any purpose. Sportshows LLC reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject any person for the reasons above or for conduct it deems disorderly, obnoxious or unbecoming.

You grant permission to Sportshows LLC (and its designees) to utilize your image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation.

YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL RISK AND DANGER of personal injury (including death and drowning) and all hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the Event, howsoever caused and whether by negligence or otherwise.

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