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Jack & Holly Linton

As a professional crappie fishing team, Jack and Holly travel all over the United States fishing Crappie Masters tournaments and competing for Angler team of the year. In 2017 they finished a respectable 11th place in the points, having several top 5 finishes throughout the year. They are very versatile with their approach to crappie fishing. They consider themselves primarily single-pole fishermen but are very diverse and skilled in different methods of crappie fishing.


Jack and Holly are active in getting youth interested in fishing and the outdoors. They also volunteer their time with organizations that help get our military and veterans get out fishing, especially assisting those with disabilities.


Jack and Holly are huge in the social media world. If you would like to check them out before the show, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Scott Lang & Paul Cox

Scott Lang and Paul Cox, along with their company, 060BIO LLC, have been on a quest over the past nearly seven years to educate those who use and enjoy America's waterways to the dangers of and how to deal with the invasion of the quagga and zebra mussels. They are at the forefront of safe, ecologically friendly, easy to use technology to help control the invasive mussels. 

Jason Griffith

Raised in Shawnee, KS, most of my family roots derive from the rural Kansas and Nebraska farmlands.  As a child, my dad would take my brother and me to the rivers in Kansas and Nebraska and we would bank fish for catfish mostly and enjoy our time outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.  Many years later, after relocating to Austin, TX for my career, I took up fishing again as a hobby to get away from the daily distractions of working in my career in the high-paced technology and automation field.  My interest in fishing was quickly rejuvenated and bank fishing soon turned into kayak fishing, which then lead me to an interest in kayak tournament fishing. 

While in Austin, I started an entry level ‘STAR’ kayak team, through Jackson Kayak, at a local kayak shop and livery in San Marcos, TX, and eventually worked my way onto the ‘official’ Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team.  Having fished in multiple tournament trails in the Central Texas region and dedicating much of my free time to soaking up as much information as I could from one of the top kayak shops in the U.S., I eventually worked my way through the ranks and onto the Jackson Kayak National Fishing Team. 

After relocating back to the Kansas City area in the summer of 2015, I successfully built and organized the Mo-Kan Kayak Fishing Series.  We were the first organized group in our area to offer a youth division within a series, and our main focus has always been to grow our sport and provide an inviting and friendly environment for seasoned anglers as well as new kayakers to our sport.  With my industry contacts and sponsors, and ability to network, I was able to draw kayak anglers from KS, MO, NE, IA, AR, and OK to these events in just a few months ‘ time. 

Heading into 2019, my focus will be on keeping the Mo-Kan Kayak Fishing community growing and striving to host the best kayaking events in our region, as well as supporting Kansas City’s newest premium kayak dealer, the Sportsman’s Outfitter and Marine, in Belton, MO.

James Dill

James is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Lake of the Ozarks guide whose goal it is to make your fishing experience a fun and educational one.  He has been fishing the Lake of the Ozarks both for fun and competitively for 20 years with great success, and has spent many hours developing seasonal patterns to catch fish all year long. 

James has won around 20 of the bigger bass tournaments, and is best known for his jig-fishing skills. James is the owner of James Dill Guide Service and Crock-o-Gator Bait Company.

Brent Chapman

Brent Chapman is a professional tournament bass fisherman based out of Lake Quivira, Kansas. Brent fishes at the highest level of bass fishing in the world. He started fishing the MLF Selects in 2014 and moved his way up to the Cups in 2016. However, his very first MLF event was the 2013 Challenge Cup. He went live on Facebook to announce that he will fish with MLF full time in 2019. He said, “My decision is not about loyalty or lack thereof. It’s about my love of this sport, the sport of bass fishing.” 

His favorite fishing techniques are pitching and flipping, but he also excels at shallow cranking. 

Growing up, his father taught him to love the outdoors, and the most important thing about fishing …to be well-rounded. "He's been a great dad and a great role model for me, and I hope to be the same for my son and daughter."

When not fishing, Brent enjoys stalking big game and working with the hunting community on game and land management. Chapman loves to spend time with his wife and children hiking, working on their property and enjoying the great outdoors. 

The Hawg Trough Team